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Combining Your Policies: Cheaper and Easier

By July 17, 2019May 7th, 2024No Comments

Combining your policies can make them cheaper and life easier

Before we jump into combining your policies, let’s rewind to the beginning. Insurance plays a pretty significant part in our lives, yet we don’t really give it much consideration or thought. For example, when you first started driving a car you were most likely on your parents’ insurance policy. And then, as time went on, there’s a high likelihood that you kept that carrier out of convenience.

Fast Forward 

Now you’ve purchased your first home and there’s a good chance you bought insurance from whoever the real estate agent suggested.

Honestly as you’ve went through life, you might have picked your insurance company based on whatever you were presented with at the time or simply whatever felt the most familiar and easy at that moment. And you’ve probably left it that way because it seemed like a hassle to change anything.

Combining Your Policies

Well, there’s actually a really easy way to save lots of money on your insurance and it has to do with bundling all of your policies together. The more policies you keep with one carrier, one company, and one agent, the easier and cheaper your policies become.

Having one agent and one company handling all your needs will cut down significantly on the time it would take to make changes, ask questions, or file a claim. You’ll know exactly who to call when something goes wrong or when your needs change.

So when is a good time to reconsider your policies?

When your needs change!

Here are 5 life events that may change your insurance needs:

Buying or selling a home
Purchasing a new car
Marriage or divorce
Addition to your family
Death of a spouse

Keep in mind that any of these events could impact your insurance needs. When you experience one of these life changes, it’s a good time to re-evaluate ALL of your products and coverages and pull each policy under one umbrella.

The best news?

Switching companies isn’t as hard as you might think.

At Infuse Insurance, we have really put in the work to make this a quick and easy process for you. We have technology in place that would even allow you to communicate with us strictly through text at your own convenience. Making combining your policies easier than ever before.

Let us make this a quick, painless experience. You can save money and time.

Call or text us today and we can take care of the rest so that you can enjoy your life, and think about insurance as absolutely little as possible!