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Cheap vs. Inexpensive

By November 6, 2018Insurance
Do you pay too much for your insurance?  The answer that comes to everyone’s mind first is “YES!”  Is Cheaper insurance the answer?  Maybe, but maybe not. Repositioning your policy just slightly could not only make it more affordable, but also make it line up with your actual needs. All the insurance in the world will not do you any good if you can’t afford it. In other cases, people are so concerned with the up-front cost or price tag that they end up way under covered. Think about these things as you choose your coverage. What am I actually paying for?  In what areas is my current coverage too high or low?  What other factors are affecting my price? Are there any discounts I could qualify for?  Talk to us today and let’s put together a plan that suits both your budget and your needs!
Do I need to video all the contents of my home in case of fire?  This is a common question we are asked and the answer is usually “no.” For example: If your house was a total loss due to a fire, you will not need to prove that you owned 5 or 6 pairs of jeans, or a laptop and an iPad. However, there are some good reasons to record your personal items. The first reason is so that you will remember them. I was cleaning out a room last weekend and came across several things I had completely forgotten that we had. If I were listing items for an insurance policy before rediscovering those items I would have forgotten them. The second reason is if you own something that would seem out of norm or disproportional to you. For example: a 21-year-old college student with a part time job at the local fast food store recently purchased a new bedroom suite valued at $35000. A video in place of a receipt that burned would be helpful.
TIP:  If you do make a video its always best to store it in a different location.